four women

four women

“has history finally melted into memory and memory broadened itself to the scale of historical memory”

Photographic performance material of four masquerade characters. They are portrayals of mother , extracted from mother’s memories. They interconnect with socio-political history and cultural representations of 1983-89 period. Each character and the performer/en-actor interconnects revisiting the “pastiness”.

adolescent dodged into civil war,mother,mother fighter

the child bathed in water with white flower petals adorned on the top bled for the first time
mother ,mother leader
Under the backdrop of crawling dwarfs some baring the weight some holding arms some crawling into hiding deep deep when skies are lit and when the shut off endless time
you say to fight, yet under the mask it is not who exists everything clear and transparent ,suffocating

“mother ,mother leader”





“Mother , mother breeder ,migrant worker, mother fighter.”


traveling into a battle with an infinite future



Masquerade allows each performer’s individuality encounter a dialogue with the identity. He /she/ they resonance identity and its layering. One shall not distinguish as all are part of one identity , yet diverse. They interconnects with each stage , creating dialogues with each compartment /space and its ambiance.



To break away from the ‘ Artifact’ quality , ‘theatricality’ within photo performances ; each re- en actor allowed to experience the rush within the space, time, body behavior and their individuality tends to emerge within in each portrayal. The archive history fuses in fragments into each portrayal with presence of each en-actor . This partial ‘ play ‘ element further explored in mother an games performances.

Photographic images of this performances placed in an album format . They are placed in manner one witness the engagement of the en-actors. They exists not as preservative material , but ones that can be engaged repeatedly .(repertoires).

Main four images printed on light sensitive material . Overplayed with screen and block printing and UN-layered its surface through dilute acidic solution . Images fades within the compartments , as flickering of fragmented memories. They resonates imagery of “tricky memory”.