Taste of Arr

 Arr :What is ARR – Accounting Rate of Return? Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) is the average net income. … an asset is expected to generate divided by its average capital cost, expressed as an annual percentage. The ARR is a formula used to make capital budgeting decisions.

Taste of Arr :Auction , Venue M.S.U Baroda

Collabarative Performance
Dinesh Solanki
Chathuri Nissansala
Chandani Guha Roy

Other members
Vasuda Kapadia
Snigdha Tiwari
Prathigya singh Patel
Oshin Thakkar
Pranay Dutta
Artiststs/ art historians
Rushab Vishwakarma
Shreya Shukla
Neeta Pinto
Chandhani Guha Roy
Oshin Thakkar
Arijit Bhattacharaya
Madhubanthi Chanda
Dinesh Solanki
Sabyasachi Bhatacharya

Objects: Star artists / art historians presenting their most intimate objects
Tooth brushes , Pickle (mango/lime), Sealed fluids/ essence, Grey hair, Wall posters, Memory Chip, Cat Fornication Photographs, Prints , Saw Circular cutting blade.

These Intimate objects auctioned via social media platforms and invitation to entire Baroda Artist community.
The Performance begins with making pickle, mango /lime in a gallery space during the venue of M.S.U Painting department 2016-2018 batch.


“Swadhist achaar bhananekhi vidhi”(How to make a tasty pickle)

The recipe symbolically speaks about how one can make great art work, artist . Pinch of elite , controversy, capital, galleries, grants, curators….. and the forming of dandelion conceptualization within the artist community.
The performance was absurd , humorous , witty ways to portray the pressure that has dawned on Art Schools, young artists to create master pieces but also the conniving ways to slither into the “dandelion stardom”.



“Everything and anything sells”

Then the collection was given to trust. The trust was established and the money was…..


Waiter (Dinesh Solanki’s performance) served water on a tray ,  a note placed on the tray under the water glasses stating Plato’s Metaphysical.

live broadcast: