Searching for my mother: letter

‘Performances are re-enactments that melts into the pastiness ,memory revisiting the fragments. The remains of the past doesn’t solely exists as objects or documented material. The “real ” of the past through performances can be brought into “now” .There is a tangibility that are brought forward by time based art object into tangible. Yet the reminiscence or the sediments moves away from the vanishing point of tangibility .’


“Her letter was written in 2010 .(2009 the 30 years of civil war ended through military warfare by the state, under humanitarian navigation as stated by state).

It was a letter about suicide , my mother wanted to depart . She left later as a migrant worker , like many other women in Sri Lanka . There were many unanswered negations . It was an attempt to understand if one revisited it multiple times.”



“Mother reading the letter while the child replies”.

Archaic material visited by performances creates a feed back loop. The letter in a different time period enters into the paradigm of “now” ; There is a form of theatricality, when revisited Derrida mentions , it reconnects with the “arichi-violithic” embodiment. Then the letter exists in many ways within the “now” and “later”.

Script : write a reply to mother’s letter, sitting in an intimate space of mother.

What should we teach them mother
What should we remember
what is that we search for
who is mother
when we all search for mother
And mother search children