Smell the burning hair

by Chathuri Nissansala

‘Momentum of smell’ (group exhibition)
Initiated by Mullegama Art Center curated by Austrian artist Hanna Hollman
Supported by The Sovereign Asian Art Foundation , Robertson Cafe and Inmaark Visual Solution
Honorable mention Thiwanka Kodikaara , Jananander Laksiri,Pala Pothupitya , Rebekka Pieris  

My friend, 
we have pictured mother 
Now we’ve just  curled up 
We have become the perpetrators 
You are now considered as the terrorist

Finally what you’ve got is hunger 

Fear underneath 
all those pointed fingers

Once you die 
hopefully !
I mustn’t witness your remains

Momentary pause ….. Under the allotted plot for demands
Spot near Galle face
Facing the statute of almighty
Father of the Nation
Appachchi! I will not ask for Justice

Holding onto your candid photograph 
Under the scorching sun light and sea breeze

Lucky if you get a memorial
Count one or two
under many guilty pleasures
Maybe a loan to built it with pristine marble
or repainted with ominous gold  

Have you smell your death ?

What if you transcend
or perhaps roam an eternity demanding light
or demanding to almighty
pleading to forbid to walk among us
How will you smell ?

What if your soul crumble 
How will you smell ?

Have you once again fallen into dreaming oblivion 
Or you’ve finally awaken  

Awaken ahead dreamers! 

Homage, to De soysa building, situated in Justice Akbar Mawatha , which was completed demolished in year 2021 ( built in 1870s by Charles Henry de soysa

Unfolding from the remains or debris formulating archaic narratives. Creating an intact symbolical interface of how De Soysa as a monument carries its presence to the future. Its physical absence traces the presence of the community, heritage ; which are to be encountered through its fragmented existence. Unfolded through the debris or materials collected, contains its humanistic entanglements. These fragmented debris questions the myth and fixative underpinning of what is heritage ?, but creates a revelation to the trajectories of what is to become our utopian concept of futurism

 Tea cup

Brought by my mother ( shiromi subasinghe) in 1984 . 

All conversations must happen with a bit of orange Miranda in a tea cup

Tear gas canon

 Tear gas cannon used to suppress formidable riots, collected and gifted by a fellow protester during 2022 Protest against government.

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