Birth : when flesh fades away all your left with memory of them

Birth ( re enactment)

It’s a collaborative performance between Vicky shajehan  , Chathuri nissansala and shiromi subasinghe ( Chathuri’s mom) ,  R. Rasamma (Vicky grandma )
Birth (2020) , photographic documentation




“First comes word” (Derrida )

This performance embodies the aspect of recontextualization of textual identity, matriarchy and embodiment of “ what is healing”. Inter layering  each connotations as mark makings within the embodied space of intimacy. Culminating a ritualistic process of unlearning the imperial sediments of the past , present to create a promised future.

What we observe here are mutations occurring within structural transcendence from memory to history. How testimonial or oral history of a being “ I was here” gradually eradicated from living history . ( they exist mounted as windows of re-evaluation of history) . Yet a lived body questions through time and space, its emplacement and displacement within the context of history’s time and space.


Performances culminates an atmosphere of “myth and ritual”  creating personas unbound across spatial and temporal limits. Creating a pragmatic outlook upon the promise of futurity, femme re  territorialization. Each performance structured under narratives  creating reexamination of the pastness, Anthrops ,  intergenerational chrono biopolitics.


Southern artistic ritualistic tradition consists of multitude of layered disciplinary surrounding its curative performances  . Mere  fragment of its deep- rooted tradition contains the textile designing practice which embodies the ritualistic performers. The attires therefore distinctive to each branch (Rayigama,Bentara,Matara (longest tradition) ) 


These textile patterns clearly symbolizes cosmology and Buddhist philosophy. If one could deconstruct it’s rhetorical configuration ; the patterns speak about healing through blessings from the cosmic entity as well as pathways of enlightenment. What we factually can place is about the gender and sexual construction within these patterns. Buddhism’s “Anaathma” philosophy can be observed with each patterns of cosmic union . Birth occur according to Karma as well as the through karma how the five elements and cosmic balance . Therefore soul has no static being known as “I” or oneself . Therefore constructs a complex hypothesis that “Abhi dharma”  in Buddhism clearly denies static chrono normative structures which formulates identity .

The costume which the en actor Vicky shajehan wears brings in this hypothesis of as a queer identity where does her body exists within this culture( southern curative practices) and with historical structuralism.

Can we dissect the existence of inherent chrono normative structures that altered us from generation to generation. From mother to child , to our ancestors in forms of heritage , culture and topography .



birth video documentation